2024-05-06 07:39Press release

Extended partnership between Celsius and Logent


Celsius has prolonged the existing partnership with Logent for storage and handling of their products for the Swedish market.

The renewed agreement stretches over three years with a possibility for additional extension.

Since 2020 Logent is responsible for receiving, storing and delivering Celsius’ products. During the years the demand for the products has grown, resulting in significantly increased volumes.

By adapting their solution at the Logistics Centre in Hallsberg, Logent has managed the changing conditions and accommodated the higher flows accordingly.

We are very pleased with the collaboration we have with Logent, who is a reliable partner taking great responsibility for handling our products and assisting with the assembly of our store displays. Extending the agreement enables us to continue our growth and further develop the logistics solution together with Logent," says Zorica Licari, Operations Director at Celsius.

The renewed trust in Logent’s services encourages us to continue investing in an already well-functioning partnership. We are, of course, delighted that Celsius chooses to extend the collaboration with us. In the long run, with increasing volumes, this means investment in additional capacity to ensure quality delivery to Celsius. The volumes arrive from Germany by train to our terminal, where we then store them in the heated warehouse for further distribution throughout the country, contributing to a sustainable supply chain," says Richard Hjertquist, CEO of Logent Ports & Terminals.

The agreement will come into effect in October 2024 and will run until October 2027.

About Logent

Logent is an and independent logistics partner, with a Nordic base present in northern Europe and global networks. We have a wide range of services and create value for our customers through guaranteed cost and quality improvements. Our service offer include Logistics Services such as Warehouse design and operations, Transport Management and Customs, Port and Terminal operations, Staffing Services and Consulting Services. This means that Logent has grown to a turnover of about SEK 2.3 billion from the start in 2006 and employs approximately 3,000 people in northern Europe.


Eric Sandgren
VP Business Development
Eric Sandgren