2019-04-11 14:03Press release

Kanthal appoints Logent as partner within Transport Management


Logent and Kanthal have entered a partnership within Transport Management. Logent designs, sources, manages and continuously develops transport logistics in collaboration with Kanthal.

”Logent takes a holistic approach to our transport logistics, which means that Logent is responsible for design, quality assurance and continuous development of larger parts of our transportation out from Sweden. The solution also means improved lead times to our main markets and gives opportunities of enhanced transparency for our customers. Logent is a key for us as we continue to monitor and design our supply chain flows while we are backing up the transportation management”, says Christoffer Saarnio, Global Supply Chain Manager, Kanthal.

Fredrik Strömberg, CEO Logent Transport Management says: ”Kanthal operates in an industry with high demands on efficiency as well as quality. Through Logent's solutions, we establish control over both existing and future flows and ensure the right costs and quality.Logent becomes the engine in the continuous development of the transport logistics. We look forward to this cooperation with Kanthal.”

For more information, contact Fredrik Strömberg, CEO Logent Transport Management AB, e-mail: fredrik.stromberg@logent.se or Christoffer Saarnio, Global Supply Chain Manager at Kanthal, e-mail: christoffer.saarnio@kanthal.com.

About Logent

Logent is a comprehensive and independent logistics partner, with a Nordic base and with global networks. We have a wide range of services and create value for our customers through guaranteed cost and quality improvements. Our services include Logistics Services such as Warehouse Management, Transport Management and Customs, Port and Combined Terminals, Staffing Services and Consulting Services. This means that Logent has grown to a turnover of about SEK 1.5 billion from the start in 2006 and employs approximately 3,000 people.

About Kanthal

Kanthal is the world’s leading provider of heating technology products and services, without compromising their goals in sustainable development. Kanthal is a part of the Sandvik Group.

Kanthals high value-added products and services are aimed at helping their customers fulfil and exceed their productivity and performance expectations. In creative partnerships, Kanthals develop innovative solutions designed to pave the way for their customers’ success.

About Logent

Logent är en heltäckande och oberoende logistikpartner, med nordisk bas och med globala nätverk. Vi har ett brett serviceutbud och skapar värde till våra kunder genom garanterade kostnads- och kvalitetsförbättringar. Våra tjänster omfattar Logistiktjänster som lagerhantering, tull och Transport Management, Hamn och Kombiterminaler, Bemanningstjänster samt Konsulttjänster. Detta gör att Logent från starten 2006 har vuxit till en omsättning på ca 1.5 mdr SEK och sysselsätter ca 3 000 personer.