2023-06-14 13:30Press release

StrongPoint becomes a new customer for Logent regarding Transport Management

Logent Strongpoint

Logent has signed an agreement with StrongPoint for a solution for "Transport Management". The collaboration includes a joint grasp of the transport logistics for StrongPoint's deliveries. With Logent's help, transport logistics will be further developed in terms of sustainability, cost and quality.

Through the collaboration with Logent Transport Management, StrongPoint takes additional control over the transport logistics for its customers with regard to sustainability, costs and quality. With the support of Logent's logistics expertise, StrongPoint can manage rapid growth while maintaining high customer satisfaction in their deliveries.

It is very important for us at StrongPoint to ensure flexible and adaptive logistics that can be gradually adapted based on our transport needs both in Sweden and internationally. We view the collaboration with Logent very positively, through them we get the control and development drive we need to succeed in keeping logistics efficient over time. We see Logent as a strong addition to our own logistics function and look forward to what we can achieve together, says Camilla Andersson, Logistics and Purchasing Manager at StrongPoint AB.

StrongPoint is an exciting company with a varied product range and strong development, which places high demands on transport solutions and control on our part. We look forward to the collaboration and to being part of their continued success in the market", says Charlie Öhman, Key Account Manager at Logent Transport Management AB.



StrongPoint is a retail technology company focused specifically on grocery retail, providing solutions to make stores smarter, shopping experiences better and grocery e-commerce more efficient. With over 500 employees in Norway, Sweden, the Baltics, Spain, Great Britain and Ireland supplemented by a wide partner network, StrongPoint supports grocery and retail companies in over 20 countries. StrongPoint is headquartered in Norway and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a turnover of approximately NOK 1.4 billion [ticker: STRO]. Read more: www.strongpoint.com/se

About Logent

Logent is an and independent logistics partner, with a Nordic base present in northern Europe and global networks. We have a wide range of services and create value for our customers through guaranteed cost and quality improvements. Our service offer include Logistics Services such as Warehouse design and operations, Transport Management and Customs, Port and Terminal operations, Staffing Services and Consulting Services. This means that Logent has grown to a turnover of about SEK 2.2 billion from the start in 2006 and employs approximately 3,800 people in northern Europe.